Types of fortune telling and how to read them

Fortune-telling is one of the topics of great interest to humans since ancient times. We want to predict the future and know our fate, and to do this, we search for fortunes in various ways. In this article, we will learn more about the types of fortunes and how to read each fortune.


Horoscopes are one of the most widely known horoscopes. It is based on predicting our personality, traits and horoscope through signs and their interactions. To read your horoscope, check your zodiac sign considering your date and time of birth and find an interpretation accordingly.


Tarot card fortune telling

Tarot card fortune telling is one of the ways to predict the future using a deck of cards. There are many different cards in the card deck, each of which has a specific meaning. To read tarot card fortune telling, you use a deck of tarot cards, shuffle the cards randomly, then draw a card and look for its interpretation.

Palmistry fortune telling

Palm fortune telling is a method of predicting the future based on the wrinkles and shape of the hand. The wrinkles and shape of the hands reveal various characteristics that influence an individual’s personality and horoscope. In order to read your palmistry, you need to look closely at your hands and interpret the wrinkles and shapes to get the results.

Birthday Horoscope

Birthday fortune telling is one way to predict the future based on your birthday. Each date is given a specific meaning and characteristic, and based on this, an individual’s horoscope is determined. To see your birthday horoscope, check your birthday and find an interpretation based on it.


There are various types of fortune-telling, but no matter which fortune-telling you choose, the important thing is your mindset and trust in it. Horoscopes are just predictions and do not significantly influence our lives. But it can be fun, satisfy our curiosity, and give us a new perspective. Take a look at each horoscope and get inspired to live a better life through it.

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