Factors driving the popularity of webtoons these days

Webtoons are quite popular these days. Do you also like webtoons?

In the case of webtoons, many people enjoy reading them because they are easily accessible on the Internet.

Moreover, there are many works that can be viewed for free, which is great.

In the case of paid works, you have to pay money, but if it is a popular work, a lot of people watch it.

Famous works are sometimes adapted into movies or dramas.

Webtoon fans even consume these dramas and movies, so it has a significant impact.

Why has webtoon become so popular? 툰코

First of all, the development of the Internet has a big impact. In Korea, internet speeds are quite fast.

That is why these Internet services and culture have developed well.

The fact that famous webtoon writers were exposed to the media and received attention from many people was also influential.

It is also helpful that a large portal site created a webtoon category and exposed it to many people.

These services and platforms play a big role in growing webtoons.

Popular communities also play a role.

People watch webtoons and talk about related stories in the community.

Naturally, stories about webtoons spread among people and become known.

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