Summary of the benefits of using torrenting

Do you often use torrents? Torrenting is one of the most convenient programs.

Find out what are the benefits of using torrents.

  1. Fast download speed

In the case of torrents, the more people who share them, the faster they can be downloaded.

Of course, the speed will be fast only if your internet environment is good.

In any case, if there are many sharers, file fragments can be downloaded from multiple places, allowing downloading at a considerable speed.

  1. Support for large files

It may not be easy to share large files.

Attaching to email does not work well. The same goes for Google Drive.

This is because there is a limit to capacity. 토렌트

You must use a paid service, but there may be traffic or capacity limitations.

However, in the case of torrents, you can share them as much as you like for free and without any capacity restrictions.

All you have to do is create a torrent file of the file you want to share and deliver it to the other person.

  1. Download free content

By taking advantage of these advantages, many people will share the content.

So, famous content can be downloaded at a fairly fast speed.

Free content is also readily available.

However, you should always be careful about copyright.

  1. Anyone can distribute

This is similar to what was mentioned above. Anyone can easily share large files without any restrictions.

As always, you need to think carefully about copyright.

  1. Continue downloading

Usually, if you want to download something again, you may have to download it from the beginning.

In the case of torrents, even if they are disconnected, you can continue downloading them again.

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