Information that can be obtained through cadastral maps

Are you familiar with cadastral maps? If you are interested in real estate, you must know this.

Find out what a cadastral map can tell you.

Land ownership

You can check who owns the land. This will be helpful when purchasing or trading land.

*Understand intellectual boundaries

You can clearly see the boundaries of the land. It can be used as important information when trading land.

Check the purpose of land use

You can check for what purpose the land is being used. The map shows whether it is used for residential or commercial purposes. 지적도무료열람

Check property value

You can estimate the price of the land by looking at the map.

It would be helpful to think about what land around you is being used for and how it will develop in the future.

Land development plan

You can check the plan for how the land will be developed. These days, you can find cadastral maps on the Internet.

In the case of such information, if you have checked it on the Internet, you must contact the relevant department to confirm the truth.

In addition, you can obtain a variety of information by looking at cadastral maps.

If you don’t know much about cadastral maps yet, look it up and take a look!

Also, searching on the Internet or contacting the land department may be helpful!

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